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Medical Card Permits in Virginia 

A patient may purchase a 90 day supply of medication. Patients may purchase medical cannabis in oil-based form such as lozenges, capsules, and vape pens. This will ultimately be determined by the pharmacist in consultation with the patient. 

A patient may obtain 4 ounces of botanical cannabis (flower) per 30 days. 

Steps to Apply for a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card with Cannabis Card Direct

Step 1: Schedule an appointment with the provider of Cannabis Card Direct. You may schedule online at 

Please bring proof of residency in Virginia and fill out our new patient form. If you are renewing your MMJ card, please present your card at the online appointment with Cannabis Card Direct. Your appointment is quick and easy! Appointments usually take around 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: After the appointment is completed, the provider will fill out a recommendation form for medical marijuana and approve you. (If you are not approved, there is a 100% money back guarantee). The medical certification will be sent electronically immediately after your appointment if approved. You can now visit Virginia dispensaries with your medical certification and Virginia photo ID. Proceed to step 3 if using for reciprocity in other states.

Step 3: THIS PART IS NO LONGER NECESSARY AS OF JULY 1, 2022 UNLESS USING FOR TRAVEL IN SOME STATES-Open Internet Explorer and go to Virginia Department of Health Professionals at

If you have made a previous license issued by a board, enter you User ID and Password. If you do not have a prior license, click on the "Register a Person" in the upper left corner of screen.

You will be required to enter your social security number and last name.

If you are not  already in system, you will be directed to the "Initial Registration" screen.

Follow the directions to create the login registration; enter User ID and Password that you will complete. 

From there, you can log in and see welcome screen. Select Initial Application from the left menu.

Select Pharmaceutical Processing-Cannabis Oil from the Profession dropdown. 

If you are the patient applying for registration, select Cannabis Oil-Patient from the license type dropdown. 

If you are the parent or legal guardian of the patient who is a minor or incapacitated adult, then select Cannabis Oil-Parent/Guardian from the license type dropdown. Once application is completed, you must complete the Registered Patient for Cannabis Oil application for the patient. 

The process is simple. There is a $50.00 payment required with registering for the patient; @25.00 for parent/legal guardian.

Scan and email the following documentation to the board at: for the application to be considered complete. 

  • A copy of the written certification issued by a registered practitioner.

  • Proof of residency of the qualifying patient and parent/legal guardian if applicable

  • Proof of identity of the qualifying patient and the proof of the parent/legal guardian 

Step 4: The final step will consist of submitting your written certification and state-issued identification to the VA Board of Pharmacy if using for reciprocity in some states. If only using in Virginia, the patient does not have to complete this step. 

Step 5: Now that you have your medical marijuana certification, you can visit dispensaries in Virginia. Please see dispensaries located in Virginia.The patient must renew the certification annually to remain active.  

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